Laundry Tips and Tricks That Will Save You Time and Money

laundry tips and tricks

Filipino families used to spend a whole day doing Laundry alone. Mothers together with their children would take their week’s worth of dirty clothes to the nearest river. Then, they would do manual washing of their clothes. Such weekend tradition is now much different from our laundry experience today. That’s all thanks to the modern washing machines made available for everyone. And in this article, we’ll explore some laundry tips and tricks to make this experience better!

Despite having the latest technology, washing machines can only do so much. Most of the time, it functions based on how we set it. We would still decide which detergents to use and what to do with the stains. And much more important, how to keep it smelling good all the time.

This task is so simple yet so complicated at the same time. So much so that others give in to Laundry Shops instead- a luxury not everyone can afford. That’s why we have gathered the best tips and tricks that will make your laundry routine easy and practical.

Sorting Clothes

Sorting plays an essential part in Laundry. You don’t want to end up with a set of identical pink shirts just because you left a red handkerchief with your white clothes.

However with the current pandemic, you must handle dirty clothes in the least number possible. The chance of your clothes carrying the dreaded virus and the smell it harbors over time is unsafe and unsanitary.

Laundry Baskets and Net Bags

  • Use a color coded or labeled laundry baskets and bags
  • Net bags for small items such as socks and underwear. Tie full bags and throw them into the washer.
  • If possible, buy socks of the same design to lessen time sorting and pairing.
  • Assign an “Urgent Basket” for clothes that can’t and won’t wait for your next laundry schedule. Clothes with stains that need urgent attention also go here.
  • Place these baskets in visible locations to encourage the rest of your family to sort their clothes immediately.

Washing Clothes

washing clothes

Washing requires less physical labor but definitely involves more attention to details. Everything needs your full attention. From washing instructions, chemicals to use, and setting the machine. One mistake can ruin your clothes or make it “smell funny” after washing.

Laundry Instructions

  • Clothes have washing instructions attached in their clothing labels. This is especially useful for new clothes. Why? Because some have the tendency to bleed, expand, or shrink after your first few washings. To save time, print a small copy of the symbols and its corresponding meaning in your laundry area.
  • Skip fabric softener when washing towels as this can lessen its efficacy to absorb water.
  • Stain Removal: Blood stains can be easily removed by soap bar or clear dishwashing soap.
  • Ironing: Use hair iron on a flimsy collar that normal iron can’t flatten.

How Do I Get My Laundry To Smell Really Good? 

The smell of freshly washed sheets is probably one of the best scents there is. In fact, there are now essential oils-inspired fabric conditioners available for purchase. So, I can only imagine the disappointment you feel when your laundry smells funky after wash.

Unpleasant smells in your clothes are usually caused by bacteria or existing odor prior to washing. Hence, if you do not tackle the cause of the smell it will only come back. Especially when the scent of your soap or fabric conditioner fades.

  • Damp clothes should be washed immediately. Leaving damp clothes will smell worse over time. Also, removing this smell is tougher the longer you wait.
  • You can add 1 cup of vinegar in your presoak and leave it for 10 minutes before washing as usual.
  • Separate load for towels to prevent stuffy smell from spreading. This will also help you prevent getting lint to your other clothes.
  • Dry your clothes in the sun. The sun is a natural sanitizer due to ultraviolet rays coming from it.

What Can I Add To My Laundry To Kill Germs? 

Disinfection is one, if not the most used word for the past year due to Covid19. We have been redesigned to clean and disinfect more everywhere and on everything. For obvious reasons, clothes are easy targets for viruses and germs to cling on to. Here’s why we gathered useful tips and laundry solutions that you can use to disinfect without damaging your clothes:

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  • Bleach may sound intimidating at first. But if you follow the right directions it will not damage your clothes
  • Use the right bleach for the right cloth by reading washing instructions. Color safe bleach is available for colored clothes.
  • Do not pour bleach directly to clothes. Dilute it in the water instead.

Bleach Alternatives

  • A cup of white vinegar during rinsing is very effective in killing bacteria and deodorizing your laundry. It also keeps the color bright and prevents fading.
  • Essential Oils not only add pleasant smell to your laundry. It also acts as antibacterial and antifungal when added to your load. You can use pure tea tree, lavender, or thyme oil among others.

What Is The Fastest Way To Catch Up On Laundry? 

One mistake that we all do with our chores is letting it all pile up. It is even worse with laundry because you can literally see your clothes pile up. It can form a small mountain in just a week’s time!

The best tip is to always do small batches every day to keep the amount of pending laundry at bay. However, this isn’t always the best option for most people. If you have to catch up with your laundry, here are a few laundry tips and tricks you can use moving forward:

Do Bigger Loads

It is faster to finish fewer but bigger loads than smaller loads. You can sort your clothes in batches to see how many you have left.

Get Everyone Involved

Get your little minions moving and ask everyone in the family to take a part of the load. For many of us, sorting and folding the laundry takes up most of our time and energy. Your family can collectively chip in by folding while watching the television.

Go To A Laundromat

One machine can only do so much load in a day. If you happen to have a laundromat nearby, you can easily load multiple batches in different washers all at the same time.

Hire It Out

If all else fails and if you can afford, hire your nearest laundry shop. This will give you the breathing space to be able to start with a consistent laundry schedule.

Let These Laundry Tips And Tricks Help You!

However tedious doing your laundry can be, it is also rewarding. Knowing that your weekend won’t be spent in a knee high mound of clothes is already enough motivation to religiously do this chore daily. Happy washing!

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