5 Toilet Cleaning Tips You Didn’t Know That Actually Work

Toilet Cleaning Tips

A normal person is said to frequent a toilet at least 6-7 times a day. This fact makes it more important for us to keep our toilets germ free to make these bathroom trips comfortable and safe. However, most people get overwhelmed on how to properly clean their toilets. We have gathered 5 toilet cleaning tips for you to learn and follow. 

How Do You Properly Clean A Toilet?

Cleaning a toilet is easy with the right order and instructions. Following the step-by-step toilet cleaning tips below should make your job efficient and effective.

1. Use Appropriate Cleaning Materials for Toilet.

Appropriate cleaning materials

Similar to any task, start by ensuring that you have the right disinfectant and tools made for toilet cleaning purposes only. We highly suggest to also consider investing in protective gear such as gloves and masks as you will be handling chemicals.

Friendly reminder: Don’t use these tools in cleaning other areas of the house. The reason is because reusing them will spread germs around your home. Prepare extra cleaning materials to prevent germ contamination. 

2. Begin With Exterior While Soaking Chemicals In The Toilet Bowl

Begin by flushing the toilet once then pour the chemicals to soak deep embedded stains and grimes from the toilet. While this is happening you may start scrubbing the toilet lid, seat and outside lid. Then completely wipe off excess chemicals off of the floor.

How To Remove Brown Stains From Toilet Bowl

We left the inside of the toilet for last as this is where heavy cleaning is needed. Some stains are easily brushed off after soaking the chemical for a while. However, some of these stubborn stains are challenging to remove. You may follow these combinations for stubborn brown stains:

3. Vinegar Soak

Toilet Cleaning with Vinegar

Pouring unmixed vinegar and letting it soak for a few hours may work before scrubbing. This is because of its acidic nature. You may repeat if needed.

4. Vamp Up Vinegar Soak With Baking Soda

While vinegar is a strong acidic liquid, adding Baking Soda and soaking the mixture would create a stronger combination to remove harsh stains on your toilet.

How Do I Deep Clean My Toilet?

Although frequent toilet cleaning habit may lessen the build-up grime and stain, usual quick and light cleaning may not be enough to thoroughly sanitize every inch of your toilet. Thus, makes deep cleaning important in your chore calendar.

5. Nooks And Crannies Make The Difference In Deep Cleaning

Cleaning small areas

By taking special attention to the usually unnoticed parts and areas, your cleaning session will produce a thoroughly cleaned toilet. Toilet seats for example have removable hinges for an easier cleaning access of the toilet seat. Under rims are also often disregarded as it is a hard to reach area and usually harbours more stain over time.

Final Thoughts On These Toilet Cleaning Tips

Toilet cleaning is now easier more than ever thanks to a friendly and easy to clean design of porcelain toilet bowls and abundant toilet cleaning tools and chemicals to choose from. Those along with these toilet cleaning tips surely will help you breeze through this dreaded task.

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