10 Dishwashing Tips to Make Washing Dishes Easier

dishwashing tips

As our daily lives get busier by the minute, we would want to accomplish simple tasks in the simplest manner. This article walks you through 10 dishwashing tips that will make washing your dishes easier and more fun.

Dishwashing, among many others, is a skill we develop as a kid. We used to complete these tasks with pride. It’s as if we take a closer step into becoming the responsible adult dream of.

However, by the time we turn into adults with “adult tasks” we want to finish these chores faster. In fact, the faster, the better. 

After washing hundreds of plates, pots, and pans, it’s easy to assume that you know everything about washing dishes. That there is nothing more to washing the dishes other than the simple, boring chore itself. Because what more could there be?

You could be wrong! The following dishwashing tips might surprise you and even encourage you to enjoy the chore as you did as a kid.

How can I make dishwashing easier?

We start this mission with a goal in mind: to make dishwashing easier, faster, and possibly enjoyable too! We could also add the goal of saving water and lesser sink cleanup.

1. Incorporate Things You Love

If smelling lavender or honey scent lifts up your mood, look for a scented dishwashing soap. You may also find yourself enjoying a cute star wars soap dispenser or using a bright pink dishwashing Scrub.

Others enjoy using uncommon plates or cute and fluffy rags for the sink counter. You can top that off by putting on your favorite playlist or TV show while doing the chore.

2. Build A Habit

Most people don’t put chores on top of the priority list, much less build a habit around it. However, finding a neatly scrapped bowl, emptied pans, and well stacked dishes turns out to be less tiresome and gentler on your eyes. You can start by building a habit on the actual dishes themselves.

Just make sure that you have scrapped out all of the food leftovers from your plates. And also to arrange the plates according to size. This prevents them from tipping over and breaking. 

What are the proper dishwashing techniques? 

Dishwashing is nowhere near rocket science. After all, it’s a task that revolves on a person washing dirty plates. But you may be surprised to see the following useful tips below.

3. Follow A Set Sequence

dishwashing sequence

If you stack your dishes well, you will find it easier to see which ones are relatively clean from those covered with grease. Remember to start with the least dirty items including glass and silverware. And then finish with the greasiest ones – plates, pots, and pans.  

You can start by rinsing off sauce, creams, and crumbs from the dishes. You can use hot water or simply soak with water to soften it.

Still following the sequence, you can start soaping up and scrubbing. Because of the order, not only do you keep your soapy water longer and with fewer water changes. You also save time.

4. Make Use Of A Dishpan

A proven all around useful item, dishpans, are a good alternative for another set of deep sink and drying rack. You can use it in pre-rinsing, soaping, and even drying of the dishes. Not to mention its uses beyond your kitchen sink.

5. Rinse With Hot Water If Possible

Hot water adds additional cleaning power to your routine. In fact, using boiling water to sterilize or pasteurize your dishes can kill most bacteria. Hot water rinse also dries the dishes faster thus leaving less water streaks.

What Are The Tips To Be Observed In Washing Dishes?

This seemingly simple task has always been a source of new innovations. New releases of dishwashing soaps that are scented, nourishing, and eco-friendly are always a hit in the market. See the following items for new ideas!

6. Use Of Alternatives From Traditional Dishwashing Sponge

Dishwashing Sponges are proven to culture germs and bacteria after every use. Its damp and moist nature is a great breeding ground for microorganisms. Unfortunately, regular washing and drying and even use of antibacterial soap is also not good enough. Sometimes, it fails to kill off these microbes. Instead you may choose from safer list of alternatives below:

  • Tawashi Vegetable Scrubber
  • Quick Drying Brush
  • Silicone Sponge
  • Silicone Sponge with Bristle
  • Loofah 
  • Swedish DishCloth

7. Safer Soap Dispenser

Close to sponges, dishwashing soap ends up harboring heavy amounts of germs and bacteria due to repeated contact with a sponge. This is especially true for dishwashing paste. Simple liquid soap dispensers are the safer alternative. 

How To Wash Dishes By Hand Fast

With the help of the dishwashing tips listed above, you can start to expect to finish washing dishes faster. However, there really are days when you plainly feel sluggish and you are not as productive. Here are some things you can do during those moments:

8. Create A Chore Playlist

Playing upbeat music naturally increases heart rate and speeds up breathing. Aside from that, associating a fixed playlist for a chore can condition your mind to get on with your task. Because of this, you prevent procrastinating. You can also race yourself into finishing faster before your playlist ends.

9. Use Less Soap

More is not always better in dishwashing soaps. In fact, you can clean dishes with just an ample amount of soap. Dishes with more soap are harder to rinse and might leave soap residues. It later affects the taste of food on your plates. So, go easy with it and you will surely cut time off the rinsing part.

10. Do Not Let Soiled Dishes Linger

Dried up sauce and starches on plates consume more time in soaking alone. You would also need more time scrubbing to ensure there is no food residue. If washing the dishes immediately is not possible, scrape and rinse off food from the dishes and pans instead.

Final Thoughts On These Dishwashing Tips

With so many products available and numerous tips and tricks you could incorporate into this daily chore, surely it would now take less time from your busy schedule. What are you waiting for? Pick up those gloves and get on with those dirty dishes!

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