Disinfecting Tips: 4 Ways To Keep Your House Safe & Clean (2021)

Disinfecting Tips

Prevention is better than cure. It’s an old saying that we casually say and hear. Yet, it holds true, especially during these times when the Covid-19 pandemic cases are on the rise. In this article, we will share the best disinfecting tips that you could do in your house.

Tip 1: First Clean, Then Disinfect

Most of the time, people think that cleaning and disinfecting are the same process. More experienced housekeepers like mothers and professionals know that it isn’t. Before disinfecting, you need to clean different areas first.

Cleaning is all about removing contaminants, dusts, and debris from the surface. This includes brooming, organizing things, and throwing debris into the trash. On the other hand, disinfecting is all about killing bacteria and germs.

You need to clean first since germs and bacteria can hide under dust or debris. If you don’t clean before disinfecting, the disinfectant solution you apply may not kill or even affect the bacteria.

Here are some ideas of high-touch surface that needs daily cleaning and disinfecting:

  • Doorknobs and light switches;
  • Tables & Chairs in dining area, living rooms, and bedrooms;
  • Controllers like TV remotes, game controllers, etc.;
  • Countertops in kitchen, sink, bathroom, mezzanine; and
  • Faucets and toilets

Practicing the habit of cleaning and then disinfecting daily is only a small shift from what you might be doing right now. But the peace of mind, not to mention the monetary savings that you’ll get is immeasurable.

Tip 2: Disinfecting Gadgets

Disinfecting Gadgets

One of the things that you and your family members are using are your gadgets. This includes your computers, laptop, cellphones, or tablets. Here’s how experts suggest you do to disinfect your gadgets.

Step 1: Handwash. Before you clean and disinfect your gadgets, you should first wash your hands. As you know, the hands are the vehicle by which germs and bacteria transfer. If you go straight to disinfecting your gadgets, chances are you’ll only transfer the bacteria that’s in your hands.

Step 2: Use Microfibers. Microfibers are recommended for disinfecting your gadgets since they won’t scratch the screens. The fibers are split into small pieces and that’s how they are able to thoroughly clean your gadgets without damaging them.

Step 3: Use Disinfecting Solution. If you have a disinfectant, make a disinfecting solution by mixing it with water. You should follow the instructions detailed in the packaging of your disinfectant.

If you don’t, you can DIY a disinfecting solution by mixing alcohol with water. Use spray bottles to moisten the microfiber and gently wipe it onto your phone.

Tip 3: Do Not Use Disinfectant Wipes On Your Skin/Body

Disinfectant wipes that you likely see in supermarkets are not supposed to be used on your skin. This is because it can irritate or and may cause other harmful effects to your body. They are created to easily disinfect hard surfaces.

Do Not Use Disinfectant Wipes On Your Skin or Body

The best way to keep yourself clean is by washing your hands and taking a bath regularly. You also can apply sanitizers or isopropyl alcohol to your hands

Tip 4: Use Gloves

Using Rubber Gloves

When you expose your skin to strong chemicals, it may cause chemical burns or skin rashes. This is important to know because most disinfectants have active chemicals that may cause these burns on prolonged exposure. We recommend using rubber gloves to protect yourself from these unwanted skin conditions.

Final Thoughts On These Disinfecting Tips

These are just some of the inexpensive ways to keep your family healthy. Follow these tips to keep your home safe and clean. After all, prevention is better than cure.

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