“Zero Knowledge” in Networking now Booming!

I praise God for this business and personally would like to thank WELLife family for being a blessing and an answered prayer to us especially during this crisis. 

Honestly, I am really not into networking business and i have zero knowledge in this field before. I have heard a lot of negative stories about networking and it gave me a lasting impression not to get into this kind of business. Until WELLife came to our lives and that’s how my perspective about network marketing has changed.

My husband has always been into networking business since his teenage years, and he’s been to different fields as well. From being an instructor in ALS, sales associate in a real estate company, reseller of different products, direct seller of different networking products, and he also tried the BPO industry. I can say he’s really into many things in life aside from being an outreach Pastor and a kuya of all season in our church. We are totally different in many aspects as a couple. Because for me, I enjoy doing and excelling in just one job. But our common ground is our love for God. That’s probably the reason why i was so against him resigning from his job last March 2020 and decided to get into network marketing again after being with WELLife since February 2020. He said he’ll just try it for the last time and that it’s just a part-time while focusing on ministries at Church and helping in promoting this new business to our Church members (malakas kasi ang convincing power nya, which i don’t have. Hahaha). So i supported him silently. And that’s how his part-timing becomes a full-time and lifetime journey begins. 

Not knowing after a few days of him deciding to be with WELLife, the lockdown due to global pandemic started. And it made me jobless (no work, no pay) until today. WELLife has been a great help and a blessing to us for more than 2 months. Not just financially because it greatly helped us to survive, but also it helped me have a peace of mind while using their products that are not only affordable and super effective, but are also organic which are very healthy to use and earth-friendly products! My hobby is cleaning and finally i found a lifetime partner in my cleaning journey. Char! 😊

Because of WELLife, i can also see a great improvement with my husband as a person. He’s now more goal-oriented and calmer when dealing to negative situations. Congratulations for being the National Business Manager in Luzon, sweetheart! He would always say, “To succeed in this business, you must remove all the hatred and trash feelings that you have in your heart and forgive more so you can enjoy more what you do, because we’re doing this for our God.” Awwww. I’m so in-love with him more. ❤️ Nessam Serrano 😘

Sir Dexter was really right when he said that WELLife is:

W – WINNING products (try mo pa)

E – EASY to explain and easy to understand that result to sign-ups that will create

L – LEVERAGE will happen and every member will be happy because of 

L – LIFETIME bonus and discount. Indeed our company offers 

I – IRRESISTIBLE OPPORTUNITY that you can work out in your own 

F – FLEXIBLE TIME that results to


This is WELLIFE, a 7-letter word. 7 is the number of God. And God is on top of everything we do here in WELLife! ❤️🌈😇

Thank you, #WELLife! 

GNITH SERRANO -Satisfied Customer / Dealer

To God be all the glory! 



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