Nessam Serrano

“Everything is Really about Perfect Timing” 🙂

Joining the Wellife Family is one of the most unexpected blessings that I ever had in my life, in fact until now, I’m still getting surprised on what’s going on, talagang really amazing ang Wellife.

During my teenage years, “batang networker” tawag nila sa tulad ko na mahilig mag networking, kasi iba’t ibang networking companies na rin nasalihan ko at my young age, however after a lot of attempts, it didn’t work talaga, I experienced failing sa networking, many times, which led into frustration, and later, said to myself “ayaw ko na mag networking”.

So for many years after that, I focus my life in the ministry and also in our training center as an ALS Instructor, then later, I met Ma’am Lynie Flores AlfarEspiel Bereso, dumalaw sya sa manila to visit dad Bishop Nestor Serrano and Mom Mary Ann DelaCruz Serrano, at that time, sinisimulan pa lang talaga ang business, di pa ako nag respond, later naging ninang ko pa sya sa wedding ko, so after 2 years bumalik si Ma’am Lynie sa manila and invited my brother Pastor Dannes Serrano, to conduct trainings and workshop for their Wellife leaders in Cebu, who later became our VP in Marketing and Sales.

So to support in some ways, I was thinking of direct selling na lang gagawin ko dyan, sabi ko sa kanila, but what happens next, is unbelievable.

I was selling Wellife products and was encouraging my customers for discounts, if they choose to become a member in Wellife. What happened after a few days, most of them decided to become members of Wellife!

Oh my! then I began to review the Wellife presentation, and ask God, for guidance on how to make our Wellife business grow bigger in Luzon, then few days later, the idea sparked, I said, ok, I will go to Bicol, without planning that much or setting forecast if papatok ba si Wellife sa Bicol.

The first people I talk to, is the Monje family, so their daughter Kate Monje is the first Bicolana to join Wellife, including her 6 friendsin Nabua.

As their direct selling group grows, later Prince David Cruz Serrano decided to be their main stockist for Nabua city.

Then on our way back home, in Naga, because Tita Lea Serrano loves me, she joined Wellife para pagbigyan ako, ahahaha, (love you tita ninang🙂).

In Tigaon, our cousin pogi Jorj Serrano and Daisy Paningbatan also decided to join the business together with Uncle Razul C. Serrano and Tita Violy Papa Serrano,

On our way back to manila, we visited Pamplona early morning, I met the Serrantes family/Ptr Asher and Ma’am Loida Italia Serrantes, later also joined the business, and from them, we met their kababata which is in Australia, Ma’am Carolina Tiu, now also our Main Stockist in Naga.

Amazingly, Ma’am Carolina Tiu has really created a remarkable, superb and awesome performance in the Wellife Family.

From Sipocot, Naga, extending even in Metro Manila, Laguna, Cainta, and also in Bacolod together with most parts of Luzon and Visayas region.

Just like her, As more new promising dealers about to join on my team…I can boldy declare, the rest is history. 🙂👍👍

As of May 18, 2020, for only “2 months and a half” in the Wellife Family, I Thank God for providing me with “100 Dealers” now on my team/organization. You are Amazing, LORD and Glory to God 👍👍

Thank you Lord for this perfect time that I’ve met the Wellife Opportunity and also for providing me with an amazing team leaders that would inspire more people to join the Wellife Family. The “Dream Team”. 😍😍😍

To God be the Glory and Godbless Wellife Luzon Viz Min 🙂👍👍 
Luke 1:37 / Matthew 6:33

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