Captain Victor Alicaya

As a Master Mariner I used to be onboard for 6 months or more and 2 to 3 months off, but one fine day a good friend of mine visit me and introduce his Wellife products, out of respect I bought 1 pack of his Well Detergent powder and I washed my white polo uniform and I was so amazed with the results so I didn’t hesitate to buy the membership package for 3k only to avail 25%. Hindi lang pala yun, ang detergent pala nila ay nakakatulong sa ating mga halaman dahil Eco friendly na Biodegradable pa at ang skin care products pinakinis ang balat ng aking asawa at tinanggal ang mga amoy ng aming katawan kasama na ang aking mga anak. Wala nang tagiyawat at nag radiant ang mga balat nila. Ang income opportunity na 6 ways to earn talagang pang masa! Now I enjoy extra income while on vacation and more benefits of being a kapamilya of #wellifenation. Eto pa! May mga rewards pa such as gadgets, watches, Laptops, Health Care, St. Peter, travel abroad, sacks of rice and many more…

I have time with my family now plus bonding with #Wellifenation Family, kaya mga kabaro ko sa dagat try to use Wellife Homecare products and be a Wellife Entrepreneur.

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